You don’t have to be special to change your world

I watch as people begin to introduce themselves and tell us how they are going to help to change our lives for us after the upcoming election. These are ‘special’ people. They tell us how educated, how clever they are. Some have faced great tragedy in their lives and they tell us how this has helped them to become much better, wiser people today.

It is perhaps no surprise that the ‘average’ kiwi disengages from politics. They just aren’t clever enough, wise enough or special enough to be able to make a difference.

I have had a good life, in many ways a privileged life. I have had my ups and downs, many that I would not wish on any person and I continue to face my own struggles, but none of that makes me special.

If I was highly educated, if I was young and attractive, if I had traveled more, if I was a millionaire or a top athlete. If I was part of an oppressed minority. If I had overcome some create trauma, or tragedy in my life, then perhaps I would be more confident in my own ability to make a difference.  But I am none of those things.

I am more streetwise than I am worldly, and even then not so wise. If statistics are to be believed, I was once among the top 5% of wage and salary earners in New Zealand but now earn barely above the average.

I am a short, fat balding, middle aged man with healthy issues. Like most people (perhaps all people if we were to be truthful) I have mental health issues.

And all of this makes me wonder how worthy, how capable, how relevant I still am in this world.

But none of this should stop me trying to change the world, my world.  Being average or less than average does not make me, or you, matter any the less.

If the average or below average people in this world didn’t matter, then why are so many clever people so determined to help them? Everyone matters.

Think about it and if you care, even if you care only about yourself, you simply need to say out loud “I Want”.

Saying out loud “I want” is the beginning of a conversation. A conversation with your self, a conversation with family, with friends, workmates, your community and suddenly you are changing the world.

Anyone, not just the clever ones, the wealthy or the brave can say “I want” and can start changing the world.

Try it now. What do you want? Say it out loud.


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