I joined the TOP Party

01245_TOP_web_banner-white_(300x250px)This isn’t a promotion of TOP.  Its a continuation of my journey in pursuit of a Fairer, Kinder and More Ethical New Zealand that began 12 months ago.

A friend has nominated me as the local The Opportunities Party (TOP) candidate so, in hopeful anticipation I have sat back and resisted all temptation to comment on the political carry-ons of the last few weeks. But now I realise that sitting back hoping that someone is going to notice you is futile and just as frustrating as all hell.

Its a long time since I wrote on this blog, too long and the last few weeks have been pretty tough going for me.

I joined TOP on a whim for no other reason than to challenge my own thinking. As it turns out Gareth and the team are asking New Zealanders to do exactly that, ‘Think’. Its great advice and I am here to testify that it works.

I have always figured myself to be staunch ‘right’, a capitalist and have traditionally voted National or Act, now I’m not so sure.

Over the past 12 months I have been asked to join up with the Green Party and it was suggested that I would be a valuable asset to the local organising committee for the National Party.

How could I fit on both the right and the left?

Take the politics out of politics. TOP will work with parties on the left or the right to bring about important change.

In TOP you are encouraged to have your own thoughts and to express them freely. Its a refreshing approach to politics without all the ‘politics’.

I began this site over a year ago and so many of the ideas that I was writing about then are being discussed today. It makes for some interesting reading and some serious thinking. Much of it inline with the thoughts of TOP and some of it not, but I figure that its okay.

I will write more soon. In the meantime check out http://www.top.org.nz/



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