Non-empathetic Leadership

Ethics is a human thing. It is beyond the comprehension of computers and systems. I doubt that any company has ever developed an ethics process.

What we have done is to distance ourselves from the need to make ethical decisions. We talk about systems, processes and policies and how they drive the decision-making within a company or an organisation.

It is as if people don’t want to have to think any more. They don’t want to make the tough decisions. They don’t want to make any decisions. Show me the data. Bring me the evidence. Do we have a policy that covers this?

I struggle with my own at times, but has the world lost its confidence?

Humans have survived for thousands of years living off their instincts. Those who are confident in their decision-making and decisive in action have lead our civilisations guided only by their instincts.

Today we are lead by people who require proof of success before making a decision. Such people lack the empathy of the great leaders. Their empathy lies with the data, the system and the process.

Even those leaders who did so much harm to humanity, did so knowing that they would one day be brought to account for their actions. But their convictions were strong.


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