Now that’s the kind of NZ that I want to live in


I was excited when I heard that Spark will raise the minimum wage that they pay any of their staff to $19:40, around $4 an hour.

The national minimum wage is simply not good enough and companies that make it their base starting salary really ought to be ashamed of themselves. Where’s your sense of fairness? Yip, I accept that they have had to do this in order to get the staff that they need but regardless of their motivation for doing so: Good on you Spark!

I understand that they have also announced free shares and interest-free loans for staff.

This is all so much, fairer. kinder and ethical!

This is the kind of good news that should be splashed all over our media because it is good news and because maybe it will put the heat on other companies to follow suit! But where is it?

Good on you Spark!


Metco is a Wellington based company dedicated to keeping jobs in New Zealand. They are working hard to keep their manufacturing onshore while competing with the rest of the world.

Its tough and it must be so tempting to source from off-shore in order to earn greater profits, but they are determined to make it work.

Good on you Metco!


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